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Buy Gold Bars in Oakville

Buy gold bars in Oakville from reputable refineries

Delta Harbour Assets is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality gold bars when they buy gold bars in Oakville, which is why we exclusively offer products from the most reputable and trusted refineries in the industry. Our selection includes gold bars from renowned names like Valcambi, Britannia and the Royal Canadian Mint. When you choose to buy gold bars in Oakville through Delta Harbour Assets, you can have confidence in the authenticity and quality of the gold bars you're investing in, ensuring peace of mind for your precious metal investments.

Valcambi Suisse

  • Location: Valcambi is located in Switzerland, a country renowned for its long-standing tradition of refining and producing high-quality precious metals.
  • Reputation: Valcambi is one of the most respected names in the precious metals industry. They are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, quality control and stringent production standards.
  • Assay marks: Valcambi's gold bars often bear the hallmark "Valcambi Suisse" along with important details like weight, purity (typically 99.99% or 99.9% pure), and a unique serial number for authenticity.


  • Location: Britannia is a British brand associated with the Royal Mint, the official mint of the United Kingdom.
  • Reputation: Britannia gold bars are backed by the Royal Mint's reputation for excellence in minting and quality assurance. The Royal Mint has a history dating back over 1,100 years.
  • Design: Britannia gold bars often feature the iconic Britannia design, a symbol of British heritage. They are typically available in various sizes and are highly recognizable.

Royal Canadian Mint (RCM)

  • Location: The Royal Canadian Mint is the official mint of Canada and is known for its state-of-the-art facilities in Ottawa and Winnipeg.
  • Reputation: RCM is one of the most respected mints globally, with a strong reputation for producing high-quality gold bars and coins. They are known for their innovative security features.
  • Assay marks: RCM gold bars typically include the Royal Canadian Mint logo, weight, purity (usually 99.99% pure), and a unique serial number. They may also feature advanced security features like Bullion DNA for authentication.

Buy gold bars in Oakville to reduce investment risks

Physical gold bars are often touted as a reliable store of value due to their unique characteristics, one of which is their immunity to market counterparty risk. This means that when you buy gold bars in Oakville, the value of physical gold is not contingent upon the financial stability of any particular institution or counterparty, which in turn helps reduce systemic risk in the financial system.

Here's how physical gold bars achieve this notable attribute:

1. Inherent value

Gold has been treasured for its intrinsic value for thousands of years. It is a precious metal with unique physical properties, such as its rarity, durability and malleability. These qualities give gold inherent value that is recognized and accepted worldwide. Unlike financial instruments like stocks or bonds, when you buy gold bars in Oakville the value of gold doesn't rely on the performance of a specific company or government entity.

2. Lack of default risk

When you buy gold bars in Oakville, you possess a tangible asset. Unlike financial assets, gold doesn't come with a promise to pay, so there is no default risk associated with it. Bonds, for instance, are dependent on the issuer's ability to make interest and principal payments, which exposes investors to credit risk. In contrast, gold doesn't rely on any third party to maintain its value.

3. Independence from financial markets

Gold's value is not directly tied to the movements of financial markets or the economy. While other assets like stocks and real estate can be influenced by economic conditions, interest rates or corporate performance, gold often moves in the opposite direction or remains relatively stable during times of financial turmoil. This inverse correlation makes gold a valuable hedge against systemic risk.

4. Universal acceptance

Gold is universally accepted as a form of payment and store of value. Its appeal spans across cultures, countries, and time periods. This broad acceptance means that even in times of economic crisis or geopolitical uncertainty, gold remains highly liquid and retains its value. It can be readily exchanged for goods, services or other currencies.

5. Decentralized nature

Unlike many financial assets that are concentrated within specific institutions or markets, gold is decentralized. It can be held by individuals, banks, governments, or stored in secure vaults. This dispersion of ownership further reduces the risk associated with any single counterparty or entity when you buy gold bars in Oakville.

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