Low cost peace of mind Vaulted Storage

Fully-insured 1:1, segregated from other holdings, and allocated in your name.
Volume discounts available.

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing
your wealth is secure.

The Delta Difference

Features of a storage account

Insured 1:1 coverage

All of your products will be fully, 100% insured 1:1.

Armed security at all locations

Rest-assured, your product is safe.


Your personal information is not shared. All storage facilities are outside the banking system.

Audits available

All products can be visited and audited by you in person.

Serial numbers

Where applicable, serial numbers are available upon request.


Our accounts are always fully allocated to each client.


Your product is always fully segregated from any other customer's holdings. Your product is NOT comingled with Delta Harbour's own inventory.

Storage Partners

Delta Harbour partners with the leading and most trusted vaulting facilities in the precious metals business. All of our partners offer 100% fully-insured storage for your precious metals, fully underwritten.

In addition, vaulted storage gives you the maximum amount of liquidity and the ability to buy and sell your precious metals with a phone call.

No Surprise Costs

Storage Fees

The storage fees will be the ONLY ongoing cost of storing your metals with Delta Harbour. We do not charge account opening fees, or yearly administration fees like many of our competitors do.

Fees are dependent on the amount of precious metals you store with us* and are as follows:

  • 0.65%/yr (over $499,999 USD)
  • 0.75%/yr (from $100,000 to $499,999 USD)
  • 1.00%/yr (from up to $99,999 USD)

Storage Locations

Through our partners we are able to offer global storage solutions. This allows you to store your metals close to home, or abroad to avoid geopolitical and tax risks.

Currently, we are offering the following locations:

  • Toronto, Canada
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Calgary, Canada
  • Delaware, USA
  • Houston, USA
  • Cayman Islands
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland

Request An Application

Let us know who will be on your account, and if this is for an individual or company.

The Delta Difference

Delta Harbour Concierge Service

2 Account Representatives

Receive two dedicated account representatives assigned to your account.

2 Account Representatives

Receive two dedicated account representatives assigned to your account.